And Why It May Help You Do the Same

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There is no doubt, I was born to be a meditator. I think being an Introvert was the first clear indication of my destiny. This, and the fact that I tended to remove myself from social situations and awkwardly stare at people instead of interacting with them.

I also think that all of us are born to be meditators in one way or the other, as meditation is nothing more than the art of consciously living. The art of being fully present in any given moment. But to be present, silence is needed. …


Time to change our perspective on life

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Ever since I’ve visited Rishikesh, one thing that stuck with me is the picture of the wandering sadhus at the banks of the Ganges River. Dressed in nothing more than an orange cloth. Silently meditating and seemingly unbothered by the hustle surrounding them.

‘Sadhu’ is Sanskrit and translates as ‘good’ or ‘perfect’. People who are called Sadhus are people who live in perfect alignment with yogic philosophy and with nature. Meaning they remove themselves from society in total, by pronouncing themselves legally dead and spending the rest of their days in a secluded ashram or wandering through the Himalayas. Before…

The embrace that took me to a new dimension

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysteries — it is the source of all true art and science.”

— Albert Einstein

How to recover from an experience like that?
How to understand?

Though my soul knew all along.
In my mind, there is a huge struggle!

That night when I lost myself in your arms.
That night when I surrendered to a love so wild, so untamable —
it shook me to my core!
Just for a moment. Only to try.

Surrounded by utter Stillness. Laying on your bed, covered by thick blankets. Deeply absorbed in this…

About narcissistic behavior in spiritual communities

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A common misconception amongst spiritual seekers is that any truly spiritual person has to be selfless too. That is simply not true, and many aren’t!

Before I went to India to participate in a 4-week yoga teacher training, many voices — especially those of my Indians friends — advised me to be specifically careful about falling for frauds. I didn’t give it a second thought. The place I had booked in advance looked legit, and I was confident — deceiving a sensitive and analytically minded person like myself? In a spiritual context? Not possible! After all, spirituality was about being…

On finding connection through tragedy

And how my own diagnosis brought healing to our broken bond

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The first time I was introduced to Bipolar Personality Disorder was at the age of 11 when I was coming home from school on a Friday afternoon. As I was looking forward to some relaxed quality time with my family, I was surprised to find my mom home earlier than usual. …


How it became my secret weapon against writer's block

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As writers, we all crave that moment when our minds click and ideas start flushing in. It’s thrilling. Suddenly we are connected to the zone of genius. All ideas are available at once, every thought sprouts and forms into a brilliant concept. We stop thinking, we perceive.

Dance meditation might be a powerful way to trigger those moments of creative flow. For me, it works like nothing else. So let me share what I’ve found on this:


I discovered this technique accidentally, while I was experimenting with dance as a warm-up for my yoga practice.

I had learned about dance…

A Yogic Perspective on Healing the Overthinking Mind

As a master overthinker, anxiety is a real issue for me. The fact that I am an introvert too doesn’t help much with that, since the habit of shielding myself in my very own castle for days only creates more space for my ongoing stream of thoughts to go wild.

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One thing I noticed over time, is that having a good laugh reduces my anxiety enormously. And by ‘good laugh’ I mean a laugh of that sort, which has your eyes tear up and which makes you think you’re gonna wet your pants any moment. …

Jasmine Soumana

Yoga Teacher. Philosopher. Storyteller. Explorer. Meditator. Lover. Trying to understand reality. Living to experience it. Let’s not forget that life is a dance

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